Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gallery Spill 5.4.10

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Alonys Art Gallery Spill.

This past week has been very busy coming up with new designs for Head Pieces, designing denim, puzzles, and more items to be added to the store. Basically anything Alonys the Artist can get paint on!!

The Introductory Pricing on the Head Piece Collection ends May 5, 2010 for non-collector card holders and will be extended to May 9, 2010 for All Collector Card Holders.
Place your order before its TOO LATE!!!

Wondering how to become a Collector Card Holder and the Benefits (click here)

Check out this weeks Video Spill:

We also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with photographer Adrian Ojerio of Revolutioneyez Media and Mad Colour model Ayano Jinnouchi. The pictures came out amazing. Stay tuned for the release of those images. Thank you again to both of you for a successful shoot.

This weeks Extra Spill will include behind the scenes footage and images from the shoot.

Check out more of Adrian's work here :

ALSO.... Those who have been fans of Mad Colour for the past few years have highly been anticipating the Mad Colour Clutch Collection. It's been a long journey but they will be available for special order only June 2010. More details and orders can be made by contacting alonys@madcolour.com

Happy Mothers Day!!!!
Collector Card Holders take 50% off Gallery Artwork
(Offer Ends : May 16, 2010)
and... It's almost over!!!
Mad Colour By Alonys Head Piece Collection Introductory Special
Non-Card Holders Offer ends : May 5, 2010
Cardholders offer extends to : May 9, 2010
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