Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gallery Spill 4.28.10

Welcome to the Gallery Spill.

This week the gallery introduces true conversation pieces. Finding a new canvas to add to the collection....puzzle pieces.

Available soon will be 4"x 5.5" pieces for game enjoyment or custom coasters...either way they are guaranteed to start a conversation at your next party or in your everyday environment.
Order yours starting May 3, 2010... and make a statement in your home or office with art.

Conversation Piece Alonys Art Playing Cards. (some language not suitable for 18 & under unless requested)

ALSO: THERE IS ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE INTRODUCTORY PRICING on The Mad Colour By Alonys Headpiece Collection. Make sure to make an order by May 5, 2010.
Savings up to $20-$30.

Live Life In Colour..Alonys Kisses.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lab77 Extra

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video Gallery Spill 4.22.10

The Gallery Spill just got a little personal.

Today I was 'playing' around on my computer and decided to make a little video from the Mad Colour office and bring you the Gallery Spill on video. It was a lot of fun and I love the sketch filter.


Until next week. Never Miss a Drop...Alonys Kisses.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing Mad Colour by Alonys

Alonys brings a whole new reason to rock a cap with this new art/fashion mash-up. Why not throw a piece of art on your head. Each one is 100% original and styled by hand with acrylic paint and/or pen. They are also designated by issue number, so get one early and prove you're a trendsetter! One more way to "Live Life In Colour"...MAD COLOUR

Collect Mad Colour by Alonys

Monday, April 19, 2010

This weeks Gallery Splash- 4.19.10

If you haven't started rockin' the Mad Colour by Alonys Head Piece Collection, the time is now.

For 2 weeks Only this collection will be available at special Introductory pricing.

Mad Colour by Alonys Head Piece Collection w/o Lettering
Introductory pricing $30.00 save $20

Mad Colour by Alonys Head Piece Collection w/Lettering
Introductory pricing $40.00 save $30

(Introductory pricing offer ends May 5, 2010)


Live Life in Colour.. Mad Colour.

Make it Official: Alonys Art Mad Colour Collector Card

Now that you've entered the world of collecting art, now what???

Art is not only meant to be beautiful but it is an investment. An investment that should keep on enriching your life. As an artist I feel it is my job to make your experience rewarding, enlightening, and fun while you are in my world and dressing your life with my creations.

Introducing the
Alonys Art Mad Colour Collector Card.

The collector card is my way of thanking you throughout the year for allowing me to be apart of your life.

Upon receiving your collector card you will receive a invitation to redeem a 'celebrate art' birthday gift from me. It is my way of celebrating you as an art lover.

It doesn't stop there.

Benefits Include:

Live Life in Colour Welcome Pack
• Choice of 12x12 gift of art or MC Headpiece
(Redeem on your birthday or share with someone you love. Does Not Include Lettering)

A one time 50% off on your next Mad Colour accessories or artwork purchase

also receive

• Collectors Only "Gallery Splashes"
Monthly Gallery specials and discounts on accessories/art
and Before it hits the gallery walls privileges

There's more....

The more you collect the more you save.

Every $1 = a point.
Choose to spend or save your points.

First 100 points
Take 25% off of next purchase including art and accessories

or save your points and when you bank

500 points
earn a *Gallery Gift Pack

*Gift Pack includes choice of
• 12x12 + a custom Head Piece (excluding lettering)
•Custom Head Piece w/ Lettering and 30% off artwork

1000 points
50% off a gallery artwork and automatically
Upgraded to Gold Collector
earning 25% off of every future accessories purchase and 30% off artwork

* One redeem per order

How to become a Collector Card holder:

It's simple...Start collecting.
Bank 120 purchase points and become a Official Alonys Art/Mad Colour Collector and start saving and sharing your love of art.



My View

I was going through my sketch case and I found these....I'm going to have to finish some of these.

It's interesting going back and looking at them.

Most of them are at least 3-5 years old possibly.

Wow, time flies. Another great moment in Lab77.

Alonys kisses.

Forgot to tell you, its pretty short and sweet.

Until another moment in time.. Ak's.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Coming Soon: Re-Design Your Designer Collection

Re-Design your Designer Collection with Alonys Art

Painted in Citizens of Humanity
Painted in True Religion
Painted in BLANK

As a painter and one that dresses by mood my clothes don't stand a chance against this cocktail of circumstance. I would say a good 80% of my clothes have paint on them. Of course I could be 'responsible' and only wear certain clothes when I paint, but how boring would that be...So with that said here begins the story of The Re-Design Your Designer Collection.

The Re-Design your Designer Collection concept was born organically from the mentioned above and a very generous gift from a friend we will refer to as the denimgoddess. After meeting one another she bestowed upon me a pluthara of designer jeans. In that moment I had a fashion orgasm and the concept came alive.

I never set out to paint in these beautiful well fitting specimens of fashion, but as I stated before I have this thing about being fashionable when I paint. What you wear reflects your mood, and my mood reflects my art. It's all synergy baby.

I know, who would dare wipe paint on a $300 pair of jeans??? Blasphemy!!!

I'll tell you, Alonys the Artist and The DenimGoddess !

I will explain why in fact she is the goddess. Besides the fact that she knows and has personally worn every designer denim product known to fashion man, she has an original way of thinking when it comes to fashion and she absolutely loved the random paint swipes on my jeans. (Upon meeting her I was wearing Levis with paint on them) . People will ask where did I get my jeans or ask if I did them myself. The beauty of it is I did and they carry a piece of many of my artworks on them with every swipe.

It's hard to be original, especially in this economy when every cent counts. So instead of seeking out the next thing on the runway, sometimes all you have to do is revamp what you have.

There is something mysterious about paint. Especially on clothes. It's definitely a conversation piece and can create curiosity. Are you a artist? Are you sleeping with an artist? Did you get in a paint fight? Were you spending quality time with your kids? The list goes on and on.

Whether you like sporadic swipes or more strategic splats or designs
The Re-Design Your Designer Collection is here so you can Live Life in Colour.....Mad Colour.

(This collection will be available May 2010)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alonys Art seen on MTV Cribs

Alonys Art "Reppin tha' A" on MTV Cribs Episode 1705 The Pro Basketball Edition with Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez

It's always a good morning when you realize you are here to 'play' on earth one more day, but it's even better when you receive an email from one of your best friends that they just saw your artwork on MTV Cribs!

A few years ago I had the privilege of visiting the amazing home of LaLa Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony while on a trip to Denver, Colorado. During that visit I had the opportunity to show LaLa my art portfolio and in that moment she became an Alonys Art collector of 2 of my artworks ("Reppin' tha' A" and "Label Me This")

In this episode of MTV Cribs Pro Basketball Edition LaLa and Melo take us on a tour of their amazing Denver home and once in their game room aka Melo's Room you will see "Reppin' tha' A" on the wall to the side of the television (around 4:21 of the episode).

Much love to the power couple and I hope to meet again.

Enjoy the show ;)