Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coming Soon to The Mad Colour Gallery

What's up everyone. Things have been quite busy in Lab77 . The past few weeks I have been expanding the Mad Colour by Alonys Head Piece Collection with many custom orders.

Here is a slideshow of some of the Custom Head Pieces I have completed for producers, radio personalities, and artists this past week. I was honored to also complete a custom piece for a birthday gift (Priscilla).

Along with the custom pieces I am continuously creating NEW 1 of a kind designs for the collection. Here is a sneak peek before they are officially added to the gallery.

I love creating this collection. Each Head Piece is truly an original work of my art that I get share in a unique way.

Please check back often. I will be adding more designs, including more 3D head pieces, and adding a gallery showcasing collectors rockin' their custom head pieces.

Remember to Live Life in Colour... Mad Colour.

Much love and Alonys kisses.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mad Colour by Alonys Featured on

Check out Mad Colour by Alonys Head Piece #49 on my girl Raq C's Blog. I recently created a custom Head Piece for her with her favorite colours and name. Much love Raq C and thank you for being a Mad Colour by Alonys Collector.

Visit the link and check out her entry about the custom MC HeadPiece.

Shop Head Piece Gallery

Love and Alonys kisses.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fingazz presents Femme-Bot "Electro-Popular" - THE FIRST ROBOT ARTIST IN HISTORY!!!!!

Hey everyone,

The wait is FINALLY OVER!!!

Here is a project I've been working on for years with Fingazz (music producer/husband extraordinaire) that we have finally released that I really want you to check out: <<<<<<------------------------------------------------------------------------

About Femme-Bot

Femme-Bot is a concept project, a musical story from a woman in the not too distant future who goes thru a techno-metamorphosis.
The pressures of perfection and the promises of electro-popularity change a future society of humans into "BOTS".

Blending an extremely electronic pop sound with robotic vocals makes for something you may have never heard before...
The entire album "The Future Is Now" is available for purchase on iTunes, but can be sampled here: