Monday, April 19, 2010

Make it Official: Alonys Art Mad Colour Collector Card

Now that you've entered the world of collecting art, now what???

Art is not only meant to be beautiful but it is an investment. An investment that should keep on enriching your life. As an artist I feel it is my job to make your experience rewarding, enlightening, and fun while you are in my world and dressing your life with my creations.

Introducing the
Alonys Art Mad Colour Collector Card.

The collector card is my way of thanking you throughout the year for allowing me to be apart of your life.

Upon receiving your collector card you will receive a invitation to redeem a 'celebrate art' birthday gift from me. It is my way of celebrating you as an art lover.

It doesn't stop there.

Benefits Include:

Live Life in Colour Welcome Pack
• Choice of 12x12 gift of art or MC Headpiece
(Redeem on your birthday or share with someone you love. Does Not Include Lettering)

A one time 50% off on your next Mad Colour accessories or artwork purchase

also receive

• Collectors Only "Gallery Splashes"
Monthly Gallery specials and discounts on accessories/art
and Before it hits the gallery walls privileges

There's more....

The more you collect the more you save.

Every $1 = a point.
Choose to spend or save your points.

First 100 points
Take 25% off of next purchase including art and accessories

or save your points and when you bank

500 points
earn a *Gallery Gift Pack

*Gift Pack includes choice of
• 12x12 + a custom Head Piece (excluding lettering)
•Custom Head Piece w/ Lettering and 30% off artwork

1000 points
50% off a gallery artwork and automatically
Upgraded to Gold Collector
earning 25% off of every future accessories purchase and 30% off artwork

* One redeem per order

How to become a Collector Card holder:

It's simple...Start collecting.
Bank 120 purchase points and become a Official Alonys Art/Mad Colour Collector and start saving and sharing your love of art.



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