Friday, May 14, 2010

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Welcome to this weeks Gallery Spill....

It's been very busy in the world of Alonys Art and Mad Colour. If you haven't been able to keep up daily on the social networks no worries, you can always get it all here.

If you follow the blog thank you. It means a lot. And if you like what you see, please share the site with a fellow art lover.

Over the past few weeks Alonys Art found a few new homes. Malibu Gallery Art & Framing has become one of them.

If you find yourself in Malibu, California please feel free to stop by and say hi to gallery owner Louie Torres. I had the pleasure of meeting Louie and visiting his gallery last weekend. Louie took a liking to my artwork and is now displaying "Operation". A piece that is apart of my new 3D collection exploring human behaviour and emotions in relationships and the entertainment industry. It is always an honor to have a gallery see something in your work, but it makes it even sweeter when it is across the street of the amazing beach alongside PCH.
I look forward to sharing my artwork with Malibu Gallery Art & Framing and offering them my abstract point of view. Also the framework is amazing there, so if you need framing for existing artwork Louie is your man. Visit online gallery

The first time anyone had the opportunity to witness an Alonys Art work was in a music studio. None other than the infamous Streetlight Music "Purple Room" Studio. To this day I thank them for allowing my artwork to be apart of their creative process and bring a little more colour to their world...afterall the walls were already purple... they didn't need artwork. The Purple Room is a memory now and my artwork currently graces the walls of their new and much bigger studio in Rancho Cucamonga. It is to this day an honor to have so many different artists have the opportunity to see my artwork from around the world, and I always secretly hope it enhances and brings a unique element to their creative process while creating music with one of the most amazing producers of our time Fingazz, also known as Talkbox Master Fingadelic.

Through showcasing my artwork at Streetlight Music, Alonys Art caught the eye of Side3 Studio owner Adelio Lombardi. Based in Denver, Colorado Side3 Studios is the premier recording studio for the biggest names in the industry when they go Mile High. Once coined the 'Spinning or Rotating' Studio on a blog by Kanye West, this studio and its producers have built a name for themselves, and they've allowed Alonys Art to be apart of that by displaying my artwork in their Denver and now (as of last week) LA studios. Congratulations.

As an artist I feel blessed to have the opportunity to have my artwork be apart of a art form I hold dear to my creative heart and soul, that is music. Thank you Streetlight Music. Also Thank You to Adelio, DJ Frank E and Side3 Studios for your continuous support of Alonys Art and Mad Colour. I look forward to seeing your new studio finished.

Visit these Studios:

Streetlight Music

In the world of Mad Colour....

I want to thank Adrian Ojerio of Revolutioneyez Media and model Ayano Jinnouchi for a successful photoshoot for the first ad campaign for the Mad Colour Head Piece Collection. We took a lot of photos and it was hard to choose. That's usually the case with good models ;)
I had my secret on point editor on the job which made the process easier. So thank you editor :)
See it here


Are you rockin' the Head Piece Collection. If so, please send in pics. Everyday shots, photo shoots, or photo booth, (which I personally am addicted to) are all welcome for our Collectors Lounge. The Lounge is where all things collector will be.

• The Alonys Art Den will showcase collectors artwork in their 'cribs' (so mtv of us, lol) or workspace with photos and /or video. In your words and photos share with the world why you collect Art, especially Alonys Art.

• The Street Art Gallery will be the ongoing exhibit of collectors as walking art in everyday life. As you make a statement by "Livin' Life in Colour" take a random pic or video and upload or send it to me and I'll put it on the site.

Speaking of which there are many new designs and many more to come. A special Thank You to music artist LaLa aka in the twittersphere @WestSideGryl for Rockin' a Custom Mad Colour Head Piece. To see hers and many more check the site and make sure you watch the Mad Colour Summer 2010 Preview to see what else is in store from Mad Colour.

Thank you for checking out this weeks Gallery Spill.

Look out for the Gallery Spill Extras that will include studio session footage and video shoot footage with some of my favorite artists and friends, and inside Lab77 footage Sneak Peek designing for Mad Colour By Alonys.

Never Miss A Drop.

Until another moment in time...Ak's

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