Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alonys dissects The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist @ Crewest Gallery
Top of the Dome VI Group Show
November 7 - November 29, 2009

A few people have asked me what does The Mad Scientist mean? What is his story? As, I explained it to a few people at the gallery, they suggested I write it up immediately and share it on my blog. So here we are.

I do not plan to sit and analyze every element of The Mad Scientist, because for one I ramble too much and it may end up as a novel instead of a short entry.

And two, I would not want to take away all the magic of owning a piece of art and wondering, just what the artist was thinking at that very moment. The Mad Scientist is filled with much mystery in my heart. It can not be captured through these words alone, but by staring at him. Admiring him, and discovering his personality and message.

Introducing...The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist began as a nucleus. A skull. A representation of a center. A control station holding within it secrets, truths, lies, misunderstandings, and everything in between. The skull represents earth. It also represents our humanity. Our creation. Our death.

The sidekick keyboard represents a revolution within evolution. Technology entering our lives and blood streams. Much like it landed on the moon, technology planted itself and now has discovered “us”. It leaves its footprints upon each of our surfaces, invading our territory. Changing the imprint of humanity forever.

The Man-Bot represents our instinct to be curious . He’s lost his head and has become consumed with the new discovery and plays with it, and steps on the past and all the stories in his path to get there, represented by the scattered letters. It’s a game and The Man-Bot wants to play. At all cost, which is symbolized by the coin consuming his hand.

The hand represents the idea of God/destiny pushing the button, the key. Overall happiness. The idea of Heaven.

The headphones connect it all. They are the IV and life support to the whole execut-ion.
The stars represent love and power, feelings, urges, desire.

Execut-ion is left for you to define among many other hidden concepts and ideas.

This piece leaves me wondering...

Is the coin the key to keeping it going, or is it the actual key, has it been pushed and who pushed it????

Alonys, the Artist and The Mad Scientist
November 2009

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